What is a Timeshare

History of Timeshare Industry

A $10 billion industry servicing hundreds of thousands of owners worldwide, thetimeshare industry has a relatively short, but very productive history. Timeshares first began in the early 1960's at a ski resort in the French Alps. At this time there were two timeshare companies who began purchasing otherresort properties around Europe giving their owners a choice of multiplevacation destinations. By the late 1960's, timesharing appeared in the UnitedStates in Hawaii, and by the early 1970's, timeshare quickly gained popularityin Florida when existing condo developments turned to the timeshare resortmodel. Read More..

Timeshare Terminology

The following is a list of commonly used terms within the timeshare industry. To help you gain a better understanding of the many features and benefits ofvacation ownership, please read through the following terms and correspondingdefinitions. Read More..

Industry Facts & Stats

Vacation ownership has seen some of the fastest and most consistent growth inthe entire travel industry over the past 10 years. Realizing double digitgrowth year over year, vacation ownership shows no signs of slowing down in theyears to come. Read More..

How Timeshare Works

Vacation ownership takes the hassle out of second home and vacation homeownership. You purchase your future vacations at today's price and for just thetime you need. Read More..